Two international trainings on the in vitro culture of AM fungi are offered by the CESAMM/GINCO teams.

For more information, visit: International trainings website

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For technical reason this online order form is currently not available. Please use the BCCM/MUCL online order form.

We remember you that a first order must be obligatory sent on an Order form (GINCO-BEL)

We remind you that every distribution of strains is subject to your preliminary agreement with the general conditions listed in the Material Transfer Agreement. Please note that without further notice, this agreement is definitive and valid for all future orders. It is also your responsibility to provide all the required permits to comply with this form.

Disclaimer: The customer assumes full liability for handling, storage and possible abuse of strains. Consequently, neither the BCCM/MUCL nor the Université catholique de Louvain nor the Federal Public Planning Service Science Policy can accept claims for damages and/or injuries resulting from the use, storage or loss of the strains supplied.

Caution: the fields with * must be obligatory completed.

(1) Filamentous fungi and yeasts are distributed as actively growing cultures. At request, strains may also be distributed as freeze-dried preparation or as pure DNA. Arbuscular mycorrizal fungi are distributed as infective propagules (spores and mycorrizal roots). Excised non-mycorrizal host roots may also be ordered.

(2) If you don’t know the MUCL number, please provide any collection reference you may have. In general a collection reference contains an acronym followed by a number.