Two international trainings on the in vitro culture of AM fungi are offered by the CESAMM/GINCO teams.

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International training on the in vitro culture of AMF (2004-12-20)

The technique of in vitro cultivation of root organs has been developed over the last decades and opens new ways for studying plant-fungi associations. It is a break through especially for the investigation of the ubiquitous arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi, since these obligate symbionts rely on plant tissue.

We propose a specific training devoted to the process of AM fungi in vitro culture, from the establishment to the maintenance, following the methodologies routinely used in GINCO.

This training is addressed to PhD students, researchers and technicians interested to develop this technique for research activities and for applied purposes.

Information and registration on the website of the training:

Stéphane Declerck