Two international trainings on the in vitro culture of AM fungi are offered by the CESAMM/GINCO teams.

For more information, visit: International trainings website

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Order form (GINCO-BEL)

Material Transfer Agreement

Strains available for sale:

Orders will be honoured upon the acceptance by the purchaser of a Material Transfer Agreement.

Orders should be made to GINCO-BEL for the European continent and to GINCO-CAN for the North American continent. For other regions, orders can be made at the best convenience of the purchaser.

The first order must be obligatory sent on an Order form (GINCO-BEL) with official letterhead, signed by an authorized person.

Thereafter, orders can be directly sent through the Online Order form.

To avoid delay in delivery, copies of appropriate certificates or import licences, specific mailing tags or shipment regulations should be sent at the same time as the order.