Two international trainings on the in vitro culture of AM fungi are offered by the CESAMM/GINCO teams.

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The culture collection is supported by a panel of experts which have developed different activities dealing with in vitro cultures. Any questions related to one of the items listed below can be forwarded directly to the persons in charge of the collection, Prof. S. Declerck (Belgium) and Dr Y. Dalpé (Canada), who will forward the query to the adequate expert.

Culture process:

Prof. S. Declerck (Belgium)
Dr F. de Souza (Brazil)


Prof. D.G. Strullu (France)
Prof. A. Fortin (Canada)


Dr Y. Dalpé (Canada)
Dr C.G. Wu (Taïwan)


Dr B. Bago (Spain)
Prof. G. Bécard (France)

Morphology and cytology:

Prof. Y. Piché (Canada)

Genetics and molecular biology:

Prof. A. Schüßler (Germany)
Dr S. Cranenbrouck (Belgium)


Prof. A. Grandmougin-Ferjani (France)
Prof. Y. Shachar Hill (United States)

Interactions with pathogens:

Dr M. St Arnaud (Canada)


Dr E. Joner (France)
Dr I. Jakobsen (Denmark)